Why Eirta is Free?

     Global forwarders remain woefully behind most of other Industries in terms of IT Adoption. There are still around 90% of forwarders in the world do not have the real Online system to execute daily operation. The main reason is that the Logistics Web System is comparatively expensive to subscribe.
     For improving the global logistics service quality, Eirta believes it is necessary to provide global forwarders with a common web system. A web system which is affordable to own (so it is Free), easy to deploy (or migrate), while the functions can meet all the requirements of worldwide cargo operation and data exchange.
     Thanks to the supporters and sponsors who endorse the ideal of “Free Logistics Web System” offer to Global Freight Forwarders. Logistics and web experts contribute their expertise on system constructing. Microsoft offers “Free” license for all the required software, database and servers for exploring this web application. Then the host offers a broad bandwidth, and secure hosting service at merely no cost. All the above make the “Free Logistics Web System” Concept possible, and then able to be presented to the public.