Total Solutions

     "Total Solutions" means the functions & Modules in Eirta, can fully meet the Multi-Nation Logistics Forwarders' operation requirements. Eirta provides the functions from booking receiving until the cargo delivery.

Multi Transportation Mode

     Eirta integrated multi transportation modes in one site. Air, Ocean and other combined modes of freight transportation are integrated together, and using the identical interface. Users will no longer have to work among various logistics systems. There is only one working environment for every your logistics operation.

Real Time Data Sharing

       All the cargo data input or updating to the system, can be immediately viewed by involved parties. As sharing the same information source, so it largely eliminates the time and effort of data exchange, hard copy sending. Of course, it also minimizes the possible errors and delays due to duplicately data input.

Cargo Trace and Track

     Registers' customers can access Eirta to trace their shipments state. The Trace can be started as early as the cargo is booked, then lasted until the cargo being received at destination. Further, both Air and Ocean shipments can be tracked from the same webpage, so customers do not need to switch in between Air or Ocean tracking modules anymore. In fact, customers can also search all their previous shipment’s record in the same system. Eirta can always be taken as customer’s shipment database. They can fully rely on this system to store their Shipment files.

Data Exchange with External Parties

     All the data kept inside the system can be retrieved and interchanged with external parties or authorities. It can be in EDI form, such as the UN/EDIFACT, ANSI ASC X12, TRADACOMS and ODETTE. Or in XML format. Such as the security manifest filing with some authorities, ENS, AMS, ACI, ISF...etc.