Internet Connection Only

        Eirta is a web system; therefore there is no software to install. All you need is a browser only. Firefox (Mozilla), Explorer (Microsoft), Chrome(Google), Safari (Apple), Opera…., So no matter where you are, which OS you are under, once connect to Internet, access to Eirta Account, you can immediate conduct your business within fingertips.


Easy to Deploy & User Friendly

        Eirta offers user friendly interface. Every function is obvious and intuitive to use. For most logistics users, once access, and after some minutes of familiarization, usually can start to use without having further training.

       While for users able to know more depth of the powerful functions, on top of each function page, there is Help icon which links to the a user manual of that specific page, User Manual gives the very details of that function page, with this, user can fully understand the every detail function of that page. Further for facilitate user to understand of each data input field, there is brief explanation attached, so just move the cursor over the text, the explanation of that field will be displayed.

Video Tutorial

        There are Video Tutorials for users to know more details of the system. It is especially useful for those beginners who do not have the basic shipping knowledge, while try to use the system within shortest periods. These videos are made as brief as possible, it is not more than 7 minutes each, so easy for users to watch at any time they are available.