Security Policy

     Eirta knows the importance data security. With the latest IT technology, the business data and users' password are stored and encrypted in the system. With such protecting mechanism, even Eirta's backend colleagues are unable to peep the users' data even at time they access to the database.
     Further, for the best and securest service continuity. Eirta backups the system data every day, and kept in 2 servers at different locations.

How We Protect Your Data

  1. Eirta does not manage users ID and Password. It is the registers' obligation to assign ID and password for their own users.
  2. As User IDs and passwords are encrypted, so if the IDs or Passwords are lost, registers have to re-assign to users by themselves, as even Eirta is also unable to regain them from the system.
  3. Once registers start to use the system, registers have to take care everything for themselves, as this website has been 100% theirs.